Reverent places

Lidice Memorial

The mission of Lidice Memorial is to care for the permanent preservation of the memory of the annihilation of village Lidice and the suffering of its citizens, who on 10 June 1942 became victims of Nazi violence, and maintaining the name of the village of Lidice as a global symbol of war crimes victims.

Reverent area Ležáky

"Reverent area Ležáky - National Cultural Landmark" – area adjusted as a reverent place which serves as a memorial to resistance against Nazism. This former stone-mason village served during the World War II as a shelter of parachute group Silver A with a radio station Libuše sent from London. After the assassination of the Reich deputy protector Heydrich the settlement was in on June 24, 1942 burned out as an act of subsequent terror against the civilian population that followed the assassination. Houses were levelled to the ground. Adults were escorted to Pardubice, where they were shot in the castle.