By the Czech government resolution no.589 dated May 4, 2009 which was reflected in the founding document of Lidice Memorial, this organization was entitled with taking care of the reverent area of the former gipsy camp in Lety.

The mission of Lidice Memorial is, among other things, "to care about permanent preservation of memories of suffering of Romany people who were intervened in the former gipsy camp in Lety, including care and arrangements of the reverent area".

This way a long lasting effort of the Committee for compensation of Romany holocaust, of government representatives and ministers for human rights and other institutions involved was completed in a former way. The aim was so that the state would also take care of this reverent area associated with violence against Romany civilians during the Nazi occupation of Czech lands in 1939-1945 and to permanently care of the memory of the historical events associated with this reverent place.

It is no doubt that the main credit for resolving this matter, which was probably originated already in 1994, had the Minister for Human Rights Michael Kocáb.

In 2000 Lidice Memorial became the grant organization of the Ministry of Culture. Its duty is to keep a permanent memory of the victims of the Lidice tragedy and to take care of the reverent area in Lidice. In 2008 it was entrusted to care of another cultural monument, the national historic landmark reverent area in Ležáky, which is related to the recent tragic history of the Czech population. These are places that should not be forgotten and their message should be preserved for future generations, as well as the history of the camp in Lety.

Already in 2009, the Lidice Memorial launched its care about the memorial site by commissioning feasibility studies for treatment of the memorial ground and its surroundings, including access roads. After discussing the submitted proposals in the working group at the Office of the Government and the adoption of one of the variants, the preparation of project documentation for planning and construction begun. At the same time, the geodetic measurements of the land and roads were done, which were needed to implement the plan, and the ground was bought from the municipalities of Lety, Orlík and Králova Lhota. After receiving building permits, the reconstruction of access roads, parking areas and space adjacent to the reverent area, where a natural amphitheater was created, was launched on April 2. Apart from this, the water and electricity supply was established, two replicas of the original barracks were built with a permanent exhibition and sanitary facilities, and educational trail was created. In the municipal office a space was rented and adapted to an information center. The first stage of work was completed on May 13, 2010, the second phase was completed and handed over on May 31, 2010.

On June 18, 2010, the newly formed Cultural Heritage Site Lety was inaugurated. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Lidice Memorial. The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture Václav Riedlbauch, Commissioner for Human Rights Michael Kocáb a representatives of South Bohemia Region.

Cultural Heritage Site Lety has been involved in research, cultural, artistic and educational programs of Lidice Memorial, especially programs dedicated to teachers and young people.

History and culture of Romany people, as well as the theme of holocaust has been treated by Terezín Memorial and the Museum of Romany Culture in Brno for a long time. In connection of Lety Memorial, Lidice Memorial will therefore focus on the themes connected with nowadays manifestations of nationalism, racism and xenophobia.

The aim of Lidice Memorial is to establish a worthy place at the reverent area in Lety, as such cultural monuments to victims of Nazi repression deserve it.